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How to Adopt
Deciding to adopt a pet is a wonderful and giving act. It is a commitment to another being for the rest of its life. Make sure you understand the responsibilities and commitment needed for pet care on a daily basis.

Visit our Animal Info Page for great links and info on the specific breeds. An informed pet owner makes a happy pet.

If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please fill out our adoption application form online.

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Adoption and Animal Information

Looking for a new pet? Check out the pet listing on our Home Page.

Lost your pet? Visit your local L.A. Animal Services Shelter to see if they turned up in the area.

Want to adopt? Please fill out our online adoption form and we will contact you shortly after review.

You may also come to any one of our weekly adoption events to find your new best friend!

In an effort to enable our many animals to be viewed and possibly find new homes we have produced a few ways to view the animals. Life4Paws animals are featured on the homepage of this website and three other websites:, and in the hope that they will find their forever homes so that we then can rescue more animals to save. Life4Paws is dedicated to supporting the adoption and rescue of shelter animals, we have chosen West Valley Animal Shelter, of the City of Los Angeles Animal Services, to be our "Adopt-A-Shelter". If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please fill out our online application form.

We are asked many times do we adopt out-of-state, while we prefer to adopt in Southern California we do consider adopting our dogs further away. Our adoption process is the same, you have to fill out an adoption application, we will arrange for a local rescue group in your area to do the home check, and your family must meet the animal in Los Angeles before we complete the adoption.

If you need to find a new home for your pet or if you have lost your pet, you can send us a picture and description your animal. We will then help you post them on our website. Small animal rescue groups who are interested in putting pictures of animals up for adoption can also send us the details of your pets.

CLOSE YOUR EYES - And imagine cities across the the United States and Canada with people desperately searching for little dogs under 25 pounds to bring into loving homes

OPEN YOUR EYES - To the horrible statistics that Los Angeles kills hundreds of little dogs daily because we can't find homes for these loving creatures.

THE SOLUTION became obvious to Life 4 Paws and a small, eager group of rescuers in Vancouver, Canada. The two groups put heads, hearts and hard cash together to come up with a program called MILES 4 SMILES

FACT: At a recent Southern California animal adoption hosted by BEST FRIENDS (in 2005), 550 ANIMALS WERE ADOPTED. Those were the lucky ones but there were other adorable adoptables left in shelters, waiting to hear the words, "You! You're coming home with me"

Homes are waiting for them in the Midwest, the East and Canada. All that's lacking is money

Bailing out these dogs from the six Los Angeles Shelters and transporting them to new homes is costly. For the last three years we've been absorbing the costs personally. Our Canadian Friends reimburse us for the airfare but that cost is more than their adoption fee.

To ship a dog to Canada cost $225

We call the additional costs to us our "SEVEN STEPS TO HEAVEN"
1) Our bail out fee from the Los Angeles Shelter
2) Food and board at a foster home
3) Cost of the required health certificate
4) Any required medical or dental work to get our dogs healthy for the trip
5) Clipping and dipping at the groomer
6) Purchasing airline approved crates and bowls
7) The cost of returning the crates from Canada to Los Angeles for our next group of adoptees

Here's where you come in!

PICK A NUMBER, ANY NUMBER FROM 1 TO 7. Your tax deductable donation to that number, be it large or small, will make these seven steps to heaven possible.

If you'd be happier donating just $5 or $10 dollars on a monthly basis we would love to hear from you.

Email us at

We'll show you pictures of those little faces waiting for homes and let you decide which one you'd like to sponsor for the next flight to Canada.

You can also choose to make a credit card donation on-line by clicking this icon:

West Valley (L.A. City) Animal Shelter

West Valley Animal Shelter is one of seven Los Angeles City Shelters. Life 4 Paws has adopted West Valley Shelter as their local shelter. All City shelters are open Tuesday & Thursdays, 8 am to 7 pm, Wednesday & Fridays 8 am - 7 pm and Sunday 11 noon - 5:00 pm. All City shelters are open 24/7 for receiving animals and emergency phone calls. The West Valley Center is located at 20655 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311, (888) 452-7381 Don't miss any opportunities.

The shelter staff do their best at identifying a breed or mix of an animal. However, with mixes it is usually a guess (many times a good one). Sometimes, they get purebred animals incorrect. Please do not be put off by a description. Come and see the animal to make your own judgment. Also, the age of an animal is only a guess. Many factors can make an animal look older or younger again. Please do not be put off by the age. Many older animals turn out to be younger when treated with love, good grooming and good diet!

All animals that are adopted out of any of the Los Angeles City Shelters are micro-chipped. This will enable owners and pets to be re-united. Owners remember to keep your records updated!

Los Angeles Animal Services now have their own website that is updated every hour. Click here to check out their site. For the best result, do a search under Lost and Found this will show you animals at the shelter that will be coming available soon.