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How to Adopt
Deciding to adopt a pet is a wonderful and giving act. It is a commitment to another being for the rest of its life. Make sure you understand the responsibilities and commitment needed for pet care on a daily basis.

Visit our Animal Info Page for great links and info on the specific breeds. An informed pet owner makes a happy pet.

If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please fill out our adoption application form online.

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Foster Care Information

Fostering a dog allows us to help another dog in need.

Every year over 130,000 animals are taken in to the Los Angeles Shelter system. A large number of them are euthanized due to overcrowding. Since we do not have a kennel facility of our own our foster parents are literally life savers. Every time we have a loving, safe place for a dog to go we are able to rescue another furry friend in need.

Fill out a Life 4 Paws Rescue Foster Home Application Form today!

What Does A foster Parent/Family Do?

Foster families take in one of our rescued dogs until a permanent, screened home can be found. Fosters are our lifeline; for every foster person/family we have we are able to save another dog! It costs about 15 dollars a day to board a dog, with foster homes we save valuable funds to rescue more animals. Fosters provide a loving home where a dog can await its fur-ever home. We take care of all medical expenses. Being a foster parent is a great way to help if you are unable or not ready to adopt a dog. With our rescued dogs living in a home environment it helps us to determine how to best place the dog. Your input is very helpful. For instance, is he a couch potato? Does he like to fetch? Does he cry when left? Does he like to sleep under the covers? Does he play with toys? Is he good with cats? Would this dog be ok in an apartment? Sign up for a foster home application.

Why Do Rescued Dogs Need Foster Homes?

The shelters in Los Angeles are so full that many times healthy adoptable animals are euthanized simply for space. Other times dogs have costly injuries or medical expenses that the city simply cannot afford. That's where you come in, providing a temporary home for a rescued dog can literally be life-saving. Also, by not spending our funds on boarding we are able to help more animals. Living in a home environment is a wonderful gift foster parents give to a rescued dog. It helps us learn more about what the dog is like and prevents them from spending more time in a cage or run. It also increases their chances for adoption.

How Does A Dog in Foster Care Find A Home?

In addition to our website and we have two adoption sites. Every Sunday, rain or shine, our dedicated volunteers show our dogs to potential adopters. One site is in Woodland Hills (11am-3pm) and the other Canoga Park (12-4pm). Ideally, the foster family brings the dog to the event and picks him up when the event is over. Both are Petsmart locations where many potential adopters come to shop for their existing pet or specifically to meet one our dogs they have seen on our website. As a foster its best if you take the afternoon off and pick up the dog at the end of the day.

What if I live too far away to bring a foster dog to adoptions on Sundays? Can I still help?

YES! We very often rescue dogs who for one reason or another are not ready for adoptions. Some dogs have a recovery period from surgery where they need time to recuperate. Other dogs need to live in a home for a period of time in order to be socialized and learn to trust. On occasion we take in pregnant dogs or new moms and their litters. These special cases are often taken on by folks who live too far away to bring a dog every weekend. When they are ready we can make transportation arrangements or possibly move the dog to a closer foster home.

What If I Already Have a Dog(s)?

You'll want to consider how the other animals in your household will adjust to having a new furry friend. Some animals love the company of a new playmate or sun bathing partner while others might have a harder time adjusting to new animals in the household. You are the best judge of your current situation. We try to match our foster homes and rescue dogs as best we can. What If We Decide We Want To Adopt Our Foster Dog? Sometimes we match our rescued dogs and foster homes so well that they never leave! This is why we are always in need of foster homes :) If you decide you want to adopt your foster let us know and we'll work out the details. Our goal is always what's best for the dogs we rescue.

How Long Does It Usually Take To Place A Dog Through Your Adoption Process?

All potential adopters fill out an application that is reviewed by our adoption panel. We do home visits on all of our potential adoptive homes. The average amount of time it takes a dog to get adopted is 4-6 weeks. Some dogs get applicants at the first event they go to while others take longer. No dog goes to an adoptive home on the day an application is filled out. Once an application is approved the dog is usually placed in its adoptive home within one week. While it is ideal for a dog to remain in his foster home until adopted we realize this is not always possible. If you have travel plans or can only commit to a finite amount of time just let us know.

I'm Ready, How Do I Sign Up?

We are happy to provide you with a foster application in order to help us get to know you, your family, and your lifestyle. The next step is a home visit and then you become part of our greatly appreciated foster network. Fostering is a wonderful way to help us save homeless pets. We have a foster agreement that you will receive when you receive your foster dog. This outlines our responsibility and yours as well. If your home does not work out for a particular dog we will make arrangements to find another foster home for him. You are never in a position of having a dog that doesn't suit you and your family. We are always here for support and could not help the animals without your help. Sign up for a foster home application.