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How to Adopt
Deciding to adopt a pet is a wonderful and giving act. It is a commitment to another being for the rest of its life. Make sure you understand the responsibilities and commitment needed for pet care on a daily basis.

Visit our Animal Info Page for great links and info on the specific breeds. An informed pet owner makes a happy pet.

If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please fill out our adoption application form online.

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Rosie's New Family

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A lot of work is required to get an animal shelter up and running. We look forward to your kind support and assistance. Life4Paws have immediate need in the following areas:

Adoption Handlers
• To assist at our Bi-weekly pet adoptions. This involves sitting with the animal, potty breaking, talking with prospective adopters, reviewing adoption applications, answering general questions about animal care and other small duties
• We do not require you to be at every adoption; however we do require a minimum of 2 hours at the adoption to help with either set-up or put away.
• Our age limit for this position is 16 - when our quote is not full we do except volunteers as young as 14 with limitations.

Foster Parents
Fostering a dog allows us to help another dog in need. Every year over 130,000 animals are taken in to the Los Angeles Shelter system. A large number of them are euthanized due to overcrowding. Foster parents are literally life savers. Every time we have a loving, safe place for a dog to go we are able to rescue another furry friend in need.

Fundraising Co-coordinator
This is a very important volunteer position. Our very existence and ability to accomplish more depends of funding.
• Soliciting ideas from our volunteers about fundraising
• Getting to know the many talents our volunteers have in an effort to think out of the box for our fundraisers.
• Finding event venues
• Putting together and overseeing committees to make fundraising events happen.

Sponsorship Coordinator
This is another vital volunteer position. For us to be able to expand some of our great programs and to introduce new programs, we need donations, funding and corporate sponsorship.
• Solicit corporate sponsorship
• Maintain contact and interact with our sponsors
• Put into action sponsorship programs

We believe there are a lot of animal lovers who can help. We would love to have your long term devotion, however we would be very grateful for a temporary commitment, as well.